Sugar Lane Cake Shop specializes in custom cakes and sugar flowers for weddings and all other special occasions. We pride ourselves on using only local, organic, farm fresh ingredients from Long Island's east end farms. For the ingredients that are not produced locally, such as sugar and flour, we make sure to only use the finest organic products!

At Sugar Lane we only create cakes that taste as good as they look. To us that means not using stiff, tasteless fondant on the outside of our cakes. Instead we smooth buttercream to create a facade that has the same smooth appeal as fondant. If a more rustic, textured cake is ideal then buttercream allows us the freedom to do that as well! 

Of course the delightful taste of our cakes does not stop at the buttercream, our cakes are delicious all the way through! The use of farm fresh organic ingredients results in the most fresh, flavorful cakes possible. From homemade fresh berry compotes to cage-free organic eggs, our cakes are the epitome of fresh and flavorful! 

And the best part, our cakes have the option of being vegan and gluten free! 

But what we love most here at Sugar Lane are our beautiful, handmade sugar flowers that adorn each and every one of our cakes!

We are available by appointment only, but do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments, we love hearing from our customers!